About TRX


TRX, a popular fitness system, has its roots in the United States Navy. Randy Hetrick, the founder and creator, served in the Navy for 14 years and faced a challenge: how to stay mission-ready while on the move. To address this, he embarked on a series of experiments and eventually came up with the idea for TRX.

Using an old wrestling belt and parachute straps, Randy ingeniously crafted a device that could be easily hung over a door and utilized for a wide range of exercises. This marked the birth of TRX, a suspension system uniquely designed to leverage the weight of the human body.


In 2001, Randy established a production facility in his garage, dedicating the entire summer to prototyping and planning. Teaming up with his friend Joe DiJulio, he founded a small company and hired their first employees. However, Randy soon realized that for TRX to thrive, it needed more than just a dynamic suspension system—it required proper equipment and training support. Thus, he decided to build a company that not only provided an innovative product but also the expertise to use it effectively.

Fast forward to spring 2011, when the TRX Rip Trainer joined the TRX family. This addition was the brainchild of Pete Holman, a two-time US National Taekwondo Champion. The Rip Trainer introduced an asymmetrical movement with a counter-weight strap, challenging users to maintain balance and strength simultaneously.

Through dedication and ingenuity, TRX has evolved from its Navy origins into a well-established fitness system, empowering countless individuals to achieve their fitness goals effectively and efficiently.




The philosophy behind TRX training centers on the understanding that no part of the body functions in isolation. Every movement we perform involves multiple parts working together. For instance, even a seemingly simple act like picking up a pencil from the floor engages the legs, back, abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms, and neck. The body operates as a connected chain of muscles, and every movement we execute involves the entire body.

To cater to this holistic approach, TRX incorporates equipment and exercises that challenge the entire body, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience.

Moreover, TRX is committed to excellence and continuous improvement. They conduct high-level research and training sessions involving various groups, such as military units, professional athletes, coaches, professors, and countless active individuals. By subjecting their products to rigorous testing, refinement, and further testing, TRX strives to offer effective and reliable fitness solutions to its users. This dedication to research and collaboration helps TRX stay at the forefront of the fitness industry, providing top-notch products and training methodologies.




TRX has already established itself as a training tool for top athletes such as hockey players, skiers and footballers. It is used in Finnish sports schools and sports centres on a daily basis.

One of TRX's biggest advantages is that it provides a consistent, fun, varied and effective way for everyone to achieve their exercise goals - whether you are just starting out or have been exercising for years.

TRX can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.